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Our goal is to provide the tools you need to get your Red Light Camera Ticket dismissed through an ethical, established and proven process. Our seasoned expert consultants have years of experience working with tens of thousands of clients on one thing and one thing only, getting tickets dismissed!

We are not some johnny-come-lately online service. We do not require online payment prior to even reviewing your case. In fact, once we do request payment, we offer a Money Back Service Guarantee. For more information on our guarantee we encourage you to read our terms and conditions found here [Money Back Service Guarantee Terms and

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Here is Our Easy Process.

Our process allows us to contest your ticket on your behalf. Other competitive on-line services mail all the documents to you, putting the onus on you to get them off to the court by the necessary date. Simply select the "Dismiss My Ticket" menu option. Complete and submit the information requested (no money required). Once the information is submitted, one of our Ticket Busters experts will review it and contact you within 48 hours to begin the process.

You will have to send us the following documents and information:

In order to contest a Red Light Camera Ticket, the court requires you to post bail for the Trial by Written Declaration which is prepared by our expert consultants. All bail checks need to be made out to the court and sent to us along with your documents to include with the filing done on your behalf. The court will refund your bail once your ticket is dismissed.

Our Service Fee is $100.00 and the Document Processing Fee is $149.00 - check payable to Ticket Busters. We will submit all documents to the court on your behalf so you don't have to go to court.

Why Choose us?

We urge you to be careful shopping online for legal services and document filing services. There are plenty of companies who draw you in by providing 'cheap' pricing, but have no real proven track record. We proudly publish our successes with over 12,000 tickets processed in the last six years. If you choose price over quality and expertise, your chances of getting your ticket dismissed are greatly reduced.

We do not require payment upfront, nor make open-ended statements about refunds (one competitive example states, "in almost all cases, we would be able to help you prepare your statement of facts. If we are unable to help you, we will immediately refund your money").We offer a proven and ethical Money Back Service Guarantee for our service.

Busting over 10,000 tickets in five years, our web-based online submission option has been established since 2004, but we have provided our services for much longer than that.

"I couldn't believe what these guys did for me. I had 2 infractions on one ticket and these guys got the court to dismiss both of them. With nearly 400 bucks back in my pocket, and hundreds saved on my insurance I could not go wrong giving ticket busters a try. Thank you Ticket Busters for everything. I have already told several people about your service." DC Palm Desert CA.

"These guys are great. I've used them for a couple moving violations with excellent results. Their process is tried and true, and the folks I worked with there were very professional and courteous. I have referred them to dozens of friends, and have heard no complaints to date. If you are unwilling or unable to write your own Trial by Declaration for your moving violation(s), then you should absolutely use these guys!" CJ l. Santa Monica, CA

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